Xbox Project Scarlett is going at a steady pace, with the E3 2019 reveals about the upcoming console, it seemed like this time Microsoft might be giving a tough competition to its competitors, especially Sony’s upcoming PS5. However, as always rumors tend to complex things and this new rumor, if taken seriously, seemingly claims to put the future of Microsoft Xbox Lockhart in jeopardy. Lockhart is a Next Gen cheap version of the upcoming Microsoft Xbox itself, that was allegedly in the works, until this new rumor.

For those who do not know, previously there have been rumors that Microsoft’s Project Scarlett contains two types of future Xbox consoles. One, of which is a Next Gen but a cheap Microsoft Xbox and less powerful version similar to Xbox One S, for the open market, known as the above mentioned Lockhart. While the other one is the high-end powerful console, known as Xbox Anaconda. Now just recently new rumors have surfaced which claim that Microsoft has dropped plans for the cheaper version console. Instead, they will only be releasing the costly, high-end powerful Xbox console.

Xbox insider Brad Sams of Thurott was the person in the first place who revealed that there were two versions, however, he seemingly is backing up this rumor of Microsoft dropping the Next Gen Cheap Microsoft Xbox. This obviously worries the fans, as it will make it difficult for everyone to buy the costly console version.

Brad has further added that the reason for it happening is because the developers had to make sure that all the games that run on the high-end version also run on this cheap version. Taking into account the cheap version was less powerful, it seemed to not be able to run those games. Considering that they were even able to pull it off, they would have to scale the visuals down a little for both which would put them at a disadvantage with their competitor Sony, in terms of visuals and technical perspective. Finally, Brad adds that with xCloud making progress Microsoft thought it to be feasible to drop the Next Gen cheap version of Microsoft Xbox.

With all that said, these all are just rumors, so we would recommend you to take such with a grain of salt for now.

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