At the E3 2019, Microsoft finally lifted the curtains on their upcoming Xbox console, Project named Scarlett. Following the unveiling, there was a wave of excitement among the Xbox fans. However, the excitement did not end there as we also have Sony‘s future console, PS5 fans also wondering and speculating about their console. Giving birth to the long-standing question; PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett, Which one will be better this time?

Well, it would not be wrong to say that if success is measured in terms of the amount of sold consoles, then without a doubt, it would put Sony’s present gen at the top. With a staggering 91.6 million sales, and that is the figure we got from Sony in January. While Xbox One is estimated to have reached 41 million sales and counting. So clearly of units sold is the concern then perhaps we can predict that in the PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett competition, PS5 just might have an edge.

Having said that it does not need to a fact as it is based on an assumption. When consoles are compared, there are a series of things and factors that play a vital role, in determining success. Some of which include the kind of specs such consoles have. While we know that AMD will be powering both PS5 and Xbox Scarlett, what would really matter would be the fact that how each company would want their console to be like.

As you may know that Sony has always been a little shy towards features like Backward Compatibility, until recently, while Microsoft has kept an open hand, towards it. However seemingly even with Sony keeping its tight grip over Backwards Compatibility, they still have been able to make massive sales. Now that is where the exclusive games come in. With PS exclusive games like God of War and such, there is no way Microsoft can compete.

Not only Sony exclusive games have been a massive success, but they have also kept the console a hot favorite throughout, the years. Having said that, lately, there have been various rumors, claiming that in the PS5 Vs Xbox Scarlett battle, PS5 will win. Adding that the console is more powerful than Scarlett. Since these are only rumors, we would recommend you to take them with a grain of salt.

Considering the fact that Microsoft is still a giant company and Xbox One has seen considerable success, also adding the fact that Microsoft is working on bringing better and exclusive games. The tables can be turned. Be that as it may, we may also be forgetting another competitor, Google Stadia. While might not be a direct threat but it certainly will push down the sales numbers in the future, one way or the other.

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