You probably know him from the popular sci-fi series Matrix, or the latest action series, John Wick but deep inside you always knew that there was a lot more to this guy. When Keanu Reeves surprised the fans at the E3 2019 aka the Electronic Expo, there was so much excitement among his fans that it seemed to have plagued the internet. If you have not seen the video of what went down on the E3 stage, then you are missing out a lot. Make a note that Keanu Reeves is the new face of Entertainment.

Which he already was but now with him, taking a role in the gaming industry, he has marked a beginning of a new era. Where the film industry and the gaming industry will initiate the process of working side by side, like never before. This may sound a bit overrated but this is now happening. If you stuck around at the E3 2019 for the Ubisoft press conference, then you might have also seen John Bernthal playing a role in the upcoming game Ghost Recon Breakpoint. You may remember John from The Punisher TV Series.

E3 is where all the companies of the gaming industry along with the members showcase their love of games, Keanu took to the stage representing CD Projekt Red and promoting their highly anticipated upcoming game, Cyberpunk 2077. There was a certain aurora in the atmosphere. Although one might argue that at the least year’s E3, Joseph Gordon-Levitt also participated with Ubisoft, introducing his online collaborative media platform, HitRecord. The doors were opened for both the industries to finally integrate themselves.

However, it was only when Keanu Reeves made a spectacular appearance to mark the start of a new era. Having said that he is also the actor in the upcoming sequel to the much loved Toy Story animation film. Which only adds more to the fact that Keanu Reeves is now becoming the face of entertainment.

Be that as it may, it seems Reeves has been unaware about him being named as social media’s latest obsession. Speaking with People magazine he was asked whether he knew about his rise in popularity over at the social media, to which he said.

“I’ve been what?” “That’s, uh, that’s wacky. Well, the positivity’s great.”

The actor seems to have very less idea about him becoming a new face of Entertainment. While some might argue that this is just an opinion based on a few series of events and they might be right. However, we certainly can not ignore a change of atmosphere, when we feel one.

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