Kinda Funny has always kept a tight grip on smaller gamers and projects but mostly their games normally do not get the spotlight during the E3 events. However, that was not the case year at E3 2019, when Kinda Funny Showcased series of games back to back. Kicking it off with Bloodtoots, they showcased games at a very fast rate. Another on top of another, while some games launched at the event, the other were indies working their way towards consoles or switch for the first time.

The opening section was primarily focused for 20 to 30 seconds for each game. VR was also highlighted during the show, showcasing some games also hitting PSVR, while hitting more powerful headsets.

With that being said, some of the standout games include, Rawmen, which seems very similar to Splatoon.

Check out all the trailers showcased by Kinda Funny, below.

Wave Break

Brave Earth: Prologue Second Trailer

Freedom Finger


Stronghold: Warlords

60 Indie Games Showcased by Kinda Funny at E3 2019

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