Ubisoft’s E3 2019 press conference brought quite a lot of exciting stuff. Now while this year, they have not yet focused on Assassins Creed title but rather took a deep dive towards other major titles, including, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Watch Dogs Legion and a game based sitcom that is being worked on; the company has introduced yet another amazing title. It is known as Gods and Monsters, the best part is that the AC Odyssey Team is the same team developing this game.

We all know that AC Odyssey is a major title and has brought quite a lot on the table. So bets are that if the same team is developing this new title, then it would definitely be something amazing. Of course, an E3 2019 trailer has also been showcased. You can check it out below.

So are you excited after seeing the trailer? Well, that is just about it for this game. Not much has been said about this upcoming title but as you can see that the art style although cartoony, is pretty unique in its own way. Seemingly it also appears to be combat based, perhaps sword swinging might be in the mix. That said, we can only speculate at the moment for all we have is this new trailer and the assurance that the team behind AC Odyssey is developing Gods and Monsters game.

Gods and Monsters will roll out on 25th February next year.

What are your thoughts about this game? Let us known in the comments below.

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