We all were rooting to hear something at the E3 2019 event that is just days apart, unfortunately, with Sony not being there, fans looking to hear more on PS5 might not get something substantial. However, that does not seem to halt the fans from speculating about this future console. While it is now a known fact that PS5 will be supporting backward compatibility, a rumor has surfaced which seems to add a little complication to it. According to the rumor, although PS5 will have backward compatibility it won’t run games available on PS3.

This rumor comes from a Reddit user, who claims to have been present during a meeting with Sony when discussing PS4 specs. Now since this is just a claim that comes from a Reddit user, we cannot be 100 percent certain on how much truth it bears.

Some of the earlier rumors had pointed towards PS5 backward compatibility to be an innate feature of the console. However, if it is considered to be an innate feature of the console then this rumor stating that it does not support PS3 games does not seem to sync to the information. As having an innate backward compatibility feature should enable the console to run games from PS3 at least if not others.

Sony had previously filed a backward compatibility patent, which really excited the fans, however, according to this Reddit user, the chances of PS5 supporting PS3 games were always very thin and that is why he implies that PS5 won’t be running PS3 games.

In an interview, Mark Cerny talking about PlayStation 5’s backward compatibility explained that the PS3 console had a different cell architecture from the X86 architecture of the PS4. That is why PlayStation 5 won’t be compatible with PlayStation 3 games but will be able to support PlayStation 4 games.

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