At the recent event during Computex, AMD the hardware company shed light on some new architecture of their GPUs. What really caught the attention is whey they revealed that although the future Sony console PS5 has will be powered by AMD Navi GPU and Ryzen “Zen 2” CPU, it will not be based on the GCN architecture but rather a new and improved architecture will be powering it.

Sony has already revealed in an interview, the AMD GPU and CPU that will be powering PS5 Console. However, what was not known is that the already existing GCN architecture will be replaced by a new RDNA architecture by AMD.

Obviously, this means that this new RDNA architecture will be a performance boost for the console. According to AMD, this new architecture will power the next-gen GPUs. Some of the major advantages this new architecture adds are as follow.

  • 1.5x performance-per-watt
  • 1.25 performance-per-clock improvement over previous architecture
  • New compute unit design – improved efficiency and increased IPC
  • Multi-level cache hierarchy – reduced latency, higher bandwidth, lower power
  • Streamlined graphics pipeline – optimized for performance-per-clock and high clock speeds

That said AMD will be developing a custom variant of Navi GPU for PS5, using this new architecture. Be that as it may, as you may know, that E3 2019 is around the corner, you can certainly expect more information at the upcoming E3. However, since Sony has opted out of this event, we would expect you to have low expectations towards something related to their future console.

What are your expectations form PS5 and thoughts on this new AMD GPU architecture? Let us know in the comments below.

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