Need for Speed title requires no introduction as it is among the most loved racing series ever. However, with its last sequel Need For Speed Payback that rolled out back in 2017 getting mixed reviews, EA had seemingly suspended any work on bringing a new NFS game. Well, all that has just changed as EA has recently announced on the official EA answer page to confirm that a new Need for Speed game is in the works and intriguingly it will undergo a 2019 release.

Yes according to Electronic Arts, a new Need for Speed game is already in the works and that it will be hitting the shelves this year. This announcement was made by one of the Dice team members, Ben Walke. Who took to the forum to announce the celebration of 25 years of Need for Speed racing. He further stated that the main focus for the game would be cars and customization. Which is seemingly understandable as the title is majorly known for these two aspects.

While this is a major reason to be excited about, the prime concern of the fans is whether this new NFS game will be successful on or not. Will it be similar to the previous ones or will it stay true to its core racing features that shaped the entire series in the first place.

To the fans with such concerns, Ben assured them that EA realizes this fact and that they will not let the hopes down.

NFS is also the culmination of many different aspects, and there’s a special essence that appears when all these aspects come together at a very high quality.” Ben said

Having said that while EA too seems to have opted out of the traditional E3 conference this year, adding that it has set more focus on the community side of things. Live streams will be taking place throughout the event. It only seems possible that we still might hear or get something amazing from the event regarding Need for Speed.

With all that said, NFS carries quite a lot of sentiments among fans and it would be a tragedy to watch EA destroy the title, considering the previous few titles seemed to have been unsuccessful. Let’s hope that this time they are able to deliver something amazing.

What are your expectations, from this new Need For Speed 2019 game? Let us known in the comments below.

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