We have all been awaiting this specific news, the release date of Death Stranding which has now been officially revealed. Every now and then there have been snippets of information trying to figure out the release span of this much anticipated, Kojima’s title. However, now you can sit back and wait for November. Death Stranding is now set to roll out on the 8th of November this year. Interestingly along with the release date is the amazing trailer. Check it out below.

Death Stranding will not be like any other title, it will be very different in its setting and mysterious to the core. The devs have worked very hard to keep it as mysterious as they could have. That said, what else makes it more exciting is the fact that this title will be the first release from the legendary game creator Hideo Kojima since his split from the Konami studio.

The game has already received quite a lot of attention, as the devs have made sure that it is endorsed in the right way. Back in E3 2018, we got a trailer that really stuck some major nerves. Now with Sony’s opting out of E3 2019 event, a great many questions were raised about this PS4 exclusive title. Fans have been dying to know more about this title, however this information of Death Stranding release date, seems to have struck all the right spots.

Death Stranding will be the first game produced by Hideo Kojima’s independent software company Kojima Production in collaboration with Sony. With all that said, before the announcement of the release date we were all aware that the development of this game had reached its cirtical phase. Which did get us all wondering that perhaps an announcement is oder and it was.

So are you excited about this PS4 exclusive title? Let us known your thoughts in the comments below.

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