Whenever fans are inclined towards something so passionately then things do tend to roll out a bit early. Thanks to YouTube’s auto-playing thumbnails, fans have been able to gather the much-anticipated Call of Duty Modern Warfare release date. While COD 2019 is slated to be revealed at 10AM PST/6PM BST today, this leak seems to have given away the real perks of the reveal already. Furthermore, we can not anticipate how much this must be a shocker to the developer company Infinity Ward and publisher Activision, for their reveal has perhaps been ruined.

How this all came about, you ask? Well for a very short time the scheduled live stream event appeared as a featured video on the official homepage of COD’s Youtube channel and from there the fans were able to capture and gather all the relevant information. That not only includes the Call of Duty Modern Warfare release date but also its box art and the gameplay. The game is slated to roll out on October 18 this year.

For obvious reasons, Activision has removed the video but as always a lot of fans were able to grab a screenshot of the art and capture the footage before it was taken off. Check out the box art below.

You can check the other captured screenshots over at Reddit. Now as you can see in the image that it is a little unclear on whether the release date mentioned in the thumbnail is October 18 or 13. There is much debate over that but one thing is pretty sure that the game will be releasing in October. As you may already be aware of the previous rumors which seemed to suggest that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 was in development. In fact, such leak came from former Infinity Ward employee.

However, there is no argument that this new leak right before the official reveal is the best of them all. Are you excited about the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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