Kojima Productions, the biggest title has yet to release and while no official release date has been revealed so far, it seems like a perfect time for the devs to release a new teaser video of Death Stranding. This new Death Stranding teaser video is known as “Create the Rope” has been posted by Hideo Kojima himself over at his official Twitter account. Although it does nothing to dispel the air of this mysterious title, it is surreal in all aspects. You can check it out below.

Now one might think that perhaps E3 2019 is close, there might be a chance that may see a trailer but bear in mind that Sony has announced that it won’t be attending E3 this year. Adding the reason that Electronic Arts Expo is history. Now since Sony is the publisher for this PS4 exclusive, it would not be possible for it to feature at E3 2019. However, on the bright side, a new trailer making a debut in this fashion is not out of the box.

Especially since Kojima himself has previously teased the fan regarding the release date of Death Stranding. Back in December of 2018, he mysteriously added a Tweet implying the fans to look out for news related to Death Stranding, this year. In fact, he has also said that the game will be released before the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, so perhaps a 2019’s release is still in the cards, at least for now.

We have seen that this year, Kojima Productions did speed up the production of this game. The fact that they had been going around demonstrating two-hour long gameplay of Death Stranding to Guerrilla Games, only adds to the possibility of it releasing this year. Furthermore, on March 24, 2019, Kojima also vocalized that the game had entered a critical phase of development and that he himself has been playing the game on daily basis to ensure the quality of various aspects of the game.

The big question every fan is wondering about is the possibility of this title to roll out on the future Sony console, aka PS5. Fingers are pretty much crossed on that one, at least for now.

So if all goes well, we just might get the game this year, however, with this new teaser, one thing is sure that we are going to get a new Death Stranding trailer for sure.

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