The much loved multiplayer online battle arena video game, League of Legends has nailed down many hearts and already has a lot of following. Now the fan base is going to increase if this new report is to consider trustworthy. According to a new report, Tencent is working on a League of Legends Mobile Version. This report comes from Reuters, according to which the Chinese developer is working with Riot Games to develop the new mobile version of the game.

As always since this is just a report, we would recommend you to take this with a grain of salt as no official announcement has yet been made. As you may already know that Tencent has been a majority shareholder in Riot Games since 2012, which it fully acquired the company in 2015. Keeping that in context, Reuters report claims that Riot initially rejected a proposal from Tencent in regards to the development of League of Legends Mobile version. Instead, they launched mobile MOBAs Honour of Kings and Arena of Valor.

However, now it seems like the notions have changed and Tencent just might be working on bringing this title to the mobile. Be that as it may, the details of this alleged mobile version are pretty scarce at the moment, unless we hear any official word we just have empty expectations.

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