Ben Affleck’s tenure as the Dark Knight seems to have come to an end as just recently it became known that The Twilight Saga hero, Robert Pattinson will now be staring in the upcoming standalone Batman Movie. This news comes in the form of a report from Variety, according to which the much-talented actor will be staring under the direction of the Matt Reeves. You may recall Reeves from his famous work on the Planet of the Apes.

Furthermore, this film will reboot the property after Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. Warner Bros. Pictures has not yet officially declared Robert Pattinson to star in the Batman movie yet, as Deadline seems to have reported that Nicholas Hoult may still be in the running. You may remember Hoult from X-Men: Dark Phoenix in which he played the role of Beast.

Both are very talented actors, each with a specific and unique set of performance skills. It would definitely be a good feeling to see any of them in the Batman Movie. When Christopher Nolan’s Batman series rolled out, staring Christan Bale, the benchmark was set too high. Alongside, Heath Ledger, the level of performance was through the roof. It was an amazing experience to see Batman Begins, Batman The Dark Knight and Batman The Dark Knight Rises, with the later one starring Tom Hardy against Bale.

Batman although gave away a remarkable performance but for most of the fans, he was not able to reach the benchmark that was already set. However, with these two new faces, it remains to be seen whether this stand-alone reboot of The Batman makes a mark or does it die out into just another Batman movie.

Robert Pattinson apart from the Twilight series has done quite a lot of films, in all them, he has shown that he is a versatile actor. Some of his other films include 2018’s High Life, 2017’s Good Life, in which he gave a staggering performance.

Having said that Hoult is no less when it comes to acting and talent, some of his work includes Sand Castle (2017), Newness (2017), Collide (2016) and 2015’s Equals.

So either way, it could be a win-win situation for us all. Talking about standalone movies from the DC universe, we can not help but mention the upcoming Joker film, starring the one and only, Joaquin Phoenix. There is a lot of excitement for that alone.

So what are your thoughts on Robert Pattinson staring in The Batman movie? Or would you rather see Nicholas Hoult? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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