It is a pretty strange statement to pass for one of the best TV Series ever. When Game of Thrones originally rolled out, there was so much excitement among fans that no one could actually contemplate the fact that could there be anything better? I still remember debating among friends on how good it actually was. However, if there was a graph that could depict the success rate of this TV show, then it would seem like for the first five seasons the show has been a massive success. Following of which to the latest episode, it started to fall but that decline in the execution was not significant until the final season aired. As we dig deeper and deeper towards the ending, the curtains on the Game of Thrones failure started to lift.

Of course, when we talk about its success we can not help but mention George R. R. Martin, the writer of the book, on which this show is based. It is a known fact that following season four, the plot started to derail. Where it should have thickened and intensified it started to lose its grip on characters, storylines, logic but fans still had faith.  For those who have read the book the Song of Ice and Fire, were in more disrepair than others. However, the disparity between the book and the season became visible with each season. Where it took characters like Arya to travel to Brabvoss a complete season, it only took one episode for her reach from Winterfell to Kings Landing. And that is just a tip of the iceberg, there is so much desynchronization that if we start to discuss each and every aspect it would perhaps never end.

The main reason for such failure was how the Game of Thrones plot derailed, which we predicted long before the final season arrived. So who is to blame? Well, it is certainly not George R.R. Martin, for he still loathes over the distorted fragments of this TV Show. Also for he only holds the true ending. It seems obvious now, the creators of this TV Show David Benioff and D. B. Weiss have turned the success of Game of Thrones into a failure. It is to also be noted that these creators are the ones responsible for setting a benchmark up high, unfortunately, they were not able to even measure up to their own level.

Of course, Game of Thrones still is a success mostly because fans just want to get it over with. One might say that the fans are overreacting but when you feed something as brilliant as the first 4 seasons, you can not have the audacity to deliver anything less in measurement. The third episode of the last season brought the great war in a very peculiar way, there was still hope then came the fourth episode, it was a major let down, however, episode 5 has officially marked the end for us all with such a manner that it might take years for us to ever fall in love with anything again.

The Crown was the first four season and the leash is the ending. Unfortunately, the creators have done the hard part. Be that as it may, since the last episode is still slated to release, the excitement is still there but it is set to a minimum this time. No matter what the ending may be, this show will always have a place in our broken hearts.

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