Just a few days back Ubisoft gave yet another reason to the fans to be excited about, by announcing The Ghost Recon Breakpoint along with its announcement trailer, following which a gameplay trailer along with some interesting details. However, most of the fans have been wondering about the Ghost Recon Breakpoint map size and the content span time. Well according to Ubisoft, the map size of this game will be as large as its previous part Wildlands. Moreover, Ubisoft has also added that it has hours and hours of content for the players.

Ghost Recon Breakpoint is a much-anticipated co-op adventure that is story driven and has a very unique way of pushing the boundaries of the story. In this sequel, the devs have made sure that the players are able to enjoy complete freedom when on missions. A lot of tactical option and tools have been made available. Some of the features that have been added include blending into the environment, being able to carry enemies and teammates bodies, change classes and much more.

If you wish to check out all the details about The Ghost Recon Breakpoint apart from its map size, like its announcement trailer, gameplay video, release date and such then we have that available for you here at Virtual Oracle.

That said, Ghost Recon Breakpoint is set for October 4, 2019, across Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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