Every fan knows that Modern Warfare was the most loved series of Call of Duty and that is why they actually want, the studio behind Warfare to make the fourth one. However, for quite some time, there was no news suggesting such development, until recently few hints started popping up, suggesting that COD Modern Warfare 4 development is already underway. Among so many rumors and leaks, a few of them seem to point out to the possibility that Infinity Ward has initiated the teasing process related to Modern Warfare 4.

The most significant leaks and hints suggesting its development include the leak by a former Infinity Ward employee and former Call of Duty spokesperson Rober Bowling. Then the news of at least five former Infinity Ward developers making a return to the studio and finally the latest and the most subtle hint dropped Bowling once again.

Hint 1

Let us start with the first one, just a few days back, a former Infinity Ward employee, Rober Bowling took to his official Twitter account and launched a number of cryptic Twitter posts which seemingly involve characters from the Modern Warfare trilogy, suggesting that Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 development to be underway.

Hint 2

As if that was not enough to trigger the excitement and anticipation among fans that it became known that at least five former Infinity Ward developers have seemingly made a come back to the studio. This news is based on their LinkedIn profiles. So they do seems to be more authentic than the other ones. What is even more intriguing is the fact that all of these former employees who have made a return to the studio have previously held major positions. These employees include Mark;
Grigsby (Animation Director)

  • Alex Roycewicz (Game Designer)
  • Geoff Smith (Multiplayer Design Director)
  • Joel Emslie as (Art Director)
  • Zied Rieke (Founder of Infinity Ward)

Hint 3

While so let that sink in, just a little while back, Robert Bowling posted a picture over at his official Twitter account, in which he can be seen wearing Modern Warfare shirt but there is no number mentioned there. Upon asking where is the 3 at, Robert replied, in a most peculiar and subtle way possible. He said, “I don’t know, it was there be four.” Making a double statement, he seems to have hinted towards a COD Modern Warfare 4 development. You probably have a good reason to be excited about.

However, these are just mere hints and leaks, so do not hold your breath for too long. Unless and until we hear something official from the devs we cannot be certain.

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