There is quite a lot of news related to the future Sony console, also known as PlayStation 5, however, we still do not have any official confirmation about its release date and its price. Well, all that might have changed, perhaps to some extent as according to the analysts from Hideki Yasuna Ace Research Institute this future Sony console will be yet another success story. Interestingly the analysts have also predicted the price and the release date of this console. According to them, this future console is slated to roll out in November of 2020 and will cost around $499.

Now since this is just a prediction, we would recommend you to hold your breath for just a while longer. That said since it comes from the industry researchers, the speculations and predictions cannot get any better. According to the analysts, this future Sony console is also expected to sell about 21 million units by March of 2022. Adding that in the first year it will be making a sale of about six million and then 15 million in the second year. Provided if all of turns out to be true, it would net a total success for Sony that is, if it is able to overcome its competitor console, the future Xbox, which is also expected to release sometime in 2020.

Yes, it seems like Microsoft is also not light footed when it comes to their own upcoming console. Not sure how accurate is this prediction, whether or not have they considered the competition put by Xbox Anaconda because it too will give Sony a run for its money or will it be the other way around.

While it has been a known and a statistical fact that Sony has kept the upper hand for the present generation console but tables can always turn as Phil Spencer of Xbox is recorded to have said that they are working on multiple Xbox exclusive games which are slated to release in the next few years. However, not much is known about them. Also considering another fact that when it comes to exclusive games, PlayStation has always had an edge.

Games like God of War or the Marvel-based Spiderman game have shattered many records and if Sony keeps this pace going then perhaps the analysts might be right. Moreover, Sony has also taken a different path in terms of exclusive games. As according to SIE boss, future Sony games will be fewer but will be way better than anyone expects them to be.

We still have to wait and see how it all pans out. With that being said, there is no official release date or price for this Sony PlayStation 5 only a prediction by the analysts.

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