In a recent study, it was discovered that over 164 million American adults play video games that accounts to about 65 percent of all American adults. Which as you can contemplate is a very big number. So it gets us thinking that not only is the gaming industry a fastest evolving industry but also adds the fact that its customers, in economic terms, are also not limited to the young generation.

This study was conducted by the industry trade group Entertainment Software Association and according to them this figure is not stagnant, nor it has a downward trend but rather it has a rising trend. Apparently, gaming nowadays is not limited to the young generation but rather it is becoming popular among adults every year.

The reason behind this rising trend is due to the simple population fact. Old people die off, and in this case when non-gamer adults die they leave behind youngsters who have had more exposure to the gaming. This leaves them wanting for more even if they grow old. Hence, the number of non-gamers adults reduces as each day passes. May they rest in peace, however, the ones they leave behind take their place as adults in the society. Now, these adults have been either passive gamers or recreational gamers, which makes them want to play games even when they are in their adulthoods.

Moreover, according to ESA, about three-quarters of all Americans households have one video gamer to the least, and these come across various platforms. What is really interesting is that a significant amount of gamers, over half, use smartphones to play games. Having said that all, a lot of gamers would agree upon not qualifying some games like Candy Crush available on smartphones to be games. It still technically, can be considered to be among video games that most of the American adults would like to play in the course of their life.

That said some of the other things that this survey by ESA was able to discover have been mentioned below.

  • Video game players are more likely to pursue healthier lifestyles averaging seven hours of sleep during a weeknight, while 32% meditate regularly;
  • 90% of parents pay attention to the games their child plays, and 57% of parents enjoy playing games with their child at least weekly;
  • 74% of parents believe video games can be educational for their children;
  • 84% of parents state they are aware of video game ratings; and,
  • Women make up 46% of video game players.

Now all these statistical figures may seem convincing in a manner that video games enforce positivity in society. There still are many people who try to push the boundaries in an attempt to demonize and discredit video games. Especially after certain incidents like the Florida School shootings, there has been a significant backlash to use video games as a scapegoat.

While the National Firearms Act of 1934 is one of the most debated topics in America, a lot has been pushed towards making the presence of violence in video games to be the alleged reason. Be that as it may, there are significant studies which seem to highlight that violence in video games do not induce violence in real life.

So what are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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