The past few years have been a little tough for Platinum Games, however now it seems like they are all but ready to make a major comeback with there two new IPs. As revealed in a recent video by the studio it’s self, the company is working on two new IPs along with Bayonetta 3 that will really please the fans as per the studio. Moreover, the studio will be self-publishing these new IPs.

Currently, we know of two IPs that are currently in production, although there is an alleged third one as well, we are limited in terms of information regarding it. Last year at E3 2018, Platinum Games unveiled two new action games referred to as Babylon’s Fall and Astral Chain.

When we talk about details known about these games, then in terms of gameplay we know more about Astral Chain compared to Babylon’s Fall. It seems like Astral Chain will be focusing more on the player character battling monsters using their own monsters through the use of special collars. As for the second IP we haven’t had an official trailer so we can not comment much on it.

Having said that all, even with these two new IPs by Platinum Games, we all know that Bayonetta 3 is likely the most anticipated of them all. It will be the third entry in Platinum’s popular Bayonetta series.

Putting all that into context, there is also something that is to be considered and that is the fact that there are a lot of fans who would love to see Scalebound on Nintendo Switch as well. Apparently, there also have been some rumors regarding it. So it might be safe to assume that these two new IPs might also roll out on Switch. However, that is just a hunch.

So with a little luck, we might see something at this year’s E3.

Are you excited about Platinum Games making a comeback which appears to be a strong one? Let us know in the comments below.

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