Following the release of Avengers Endgame, there is quite a lot of excitement among fans, to perhaps see more of Avengers. However, we all know that is a little far off, although Marvel has moved towards the next phase of Avengers sequence, at the moment there is not much to go on for the fans other than the new Spiderman Far From Home trailer, which seems to be another reason for the excitement. This leaves the fans out in the open, blindly waiting for any ounce of information related to Avengers. Well, such fans just might be in luck as according to a recent job listing by Squire Enix, it seems like a 3rd Person Action Adventure Avengers Video Game is being made.

We have seen the PS4 exclusive Spiderman also make quite an expression. Considering that and the fact that E3 2019 is on its way and that Sony has decided to opt out of it has left Square Enix to fill in that very time slot which Sony used to hold. This leaves us wondering that perhaps Enix has plans to reveal this alleged game at E3 2019.

Having said that according to Hollywood Reporter Eidos Montreal and Square Enix Montreal seem to be making big decisions when it comes to physical expansions. Apparently, 100 new game development jobs will be created, following the expansion of the studios. When finished, Eidos-Montreal will have an extra 10,000 square feet added to the existing buildings. Moreover, there will also be space for motion capture performance as well as mixing and voice recording studio among many other things. It is said that Square Enix Montreal studio is said to double in size over the course of this year.

So considering all of the above, it only seems reasonable for Enix to be working and revealing this 3rd Person Action Adventure Avengers Video Game at E3 2019. However, fingers are still crossed on it, until we get to hear something related to it.

With all that said, it is a high probability that this Avengers game is going to roll out on the next gen consoles like PS5 and Xbox Anaconda. Which themselves are in development.

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