Can’t say much on what fans are actually feeling about Game of Thrones, if I am being honest, most of the fans are frustrated from the previous episode where the Night King was defeated. Although most of the episode did bring some elements of surprises but to the very least, season 8 of episode 3 was a simple one as compared to the most recent one. For Game Of Thrones Season 8, Episode 4 aka The Last Of The Starks is perhaps one of the most complicated ones ever and that is not an understatement.

Contains Spoilers

There so much going on in this episode that it is just not Game of Thrones we all know of. As the final war moves towards the inevitable battle, we see all of the formed relationships fracture as each moment passes. We see every character back into their original form, scheming & plotting once again. Some for the iron throne, some for the north and some just trying to survive for what is to come.

Be that as it may, although Brienne and Jaime share a brief moment of happiness, they too are reminded that Jamie’s past will not let that happen. As for the honor of keeping your word, Sansa perhaps has lost all of it for, she even after giving word to Jon has knowingly broken it. While that all takes place we see The Hound and Arya ride out together to complete their unfinished business. Where Arya still has Cersei at the top of her kill list.

Moreover, there is nothing that was as shocking and lame as one of the dragons going down. In one moment we see the Daenerys with her dragons and army in glory and in the second we see dragon go down like a goat. I mean we all remember when Night King killed the first dragon, it felt legendary but this was just another act of putting a pin in it.

Among so many other things that are inadequate about this episode is the poor writing the writers did by killing Missandei only to make this war personal for Daenerys. There is quite a lot more to this Episode 4 of Season 8 The Last of The Starks but if said in layman terms it is a tough one to swallow, for it has brought grief, sorrow, politics, war, discontentment, and discomfort in a kind that was unknown to Game of Thrones.

Still, we certainly can not ignore that in an overall manner, it is worth a watch.

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