We all are but excited about the upcoming PS4 exclusive game, The Last of Us 2, however, there have been quite fewer opportunities where fans have been able to get any interesting details. What is unfortunate is that both Sony and Naughty Dog have remained tight-lipped as they probably do not want to share much about the game. Perhaps they do not want to share just yet and now with Sony skipping E3 2019, it seems like fans will remain in the dark for God knows how long. Well, that just might not be the case as a leak has recently surfaced which seems to suggest that Sony will be releasing some kind of details regarding The Last of Us 2 before E3 2019.

Now since this is rumor we would recommend you to take this with a grain of salt but considering if this does prove to be true then that would really spice things up for the fans of Last of Us. Based on the leaker’s word, who goes by the name. Aokiji, this update could very well be in a form of a new Last of Us 2 trailer of some sort. Whatever it may be, it is bound to be interesting.

Posting a comment on a The Last of Us 2 thread on Resetera, Aokiji said,

“Considering we’re getting an official TLOU2 update before E3, [it] would be really weird if it wasn’t 2019 now wouldn’t it [?].”

For those who are familiar with Aokiji, they know that he is quite credible when it comes to leaks. He has previously leaked information about Sony’s State of Play that turned out to be true. So it is highly possible that Sony just might reveal something interesting.

Having said that the original The Last of Us has already seen massive success and that only adds to the overall excitement for the second one. Be that as it may, the devs of this upcoming game have already shown that the violence in this game will be very intense and engaging. So if that is true then we are in for some heavy gaming.

What are your expectations from this game? Let us know in the comments below.

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