Not sure if you know or not but in case if you don,t then you should know that Nintendo Switch is finally making an entry in China. This we came to know in the reveal on April 26, where Nintendo announced its new partnership with Tencent. This agreement will permit Nintendo Switch to finally break into mainland China, which as most of you know is the world’s largest game market.

While all this may seem a reason to be excited about especially for the Chinese gamers but we would urge you to place low expectations at the moment. This is not as simple as it seems, apparently, no further word on when will this be actually taking place has been declared. That said, we all remember how the regulatory crackdown on video games in China stopped the publications of new games for a year. However, approval with certain conditions implemented, the Chinese government has set up a new body that will be reviewing the ethics of games to be published in China.

Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad has, in fact, urged the market to not raise expectations as of yet as this process is merely in early stages and it could take a while before Nintendo Switch lands in China, as the Software requires a lot of testing and inspection.

Be that as it may, there is more to all of this, as Daniel Ahmed adds that Nintendo and Tencent will also have to submit each game for approval to the Chinese authorities dealing this matter before it is released in China.

“Nintendo and Tencent will also need to submit each game for approval in China and ensure the games comply with content regulations. This too is a lengthy process and means that it will take some time before Nintendo can build up a large library of official games in China,”

So this news of Nintendo Switch making its way in mainland China is just another random news in disguise of good news and this is not the first time China has put restrictions in games. Back in 2017, Chinese authorities completely banned on South Korean developed video games and because of that the Gaming Industry In China which is one of the biggest in the world has been suffering.
Let’s hope that China is able to come out of this authoritarian rule towards gaming. What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.
Source: Nintendo

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