Before the release of the game, there was quite a lot of expectations from the fans regarding BioWare’s online multiplayer action role-playing, Anthem. To be honest, the devs also were not slacking when it came to endorsing this game. However, as soon as this game rolled out, a series of events took over its indefinite success and now it seems like the Anthem is a failure. The first two months of its release have been a tough one for EA, especially. There have been multiple reports of dissatisfaction related to the loot tables, reports of game crashes, repetitive quest structure and so much more.

Errors and bugs are things known to the makers of multiplayer games, so for a project as big as this one, it was inevitable. Putting that into context, all of the gamers know that EA has the capacity to bring a unique idea like Anthem on to the table and then mess it all up. It’s like a prescribed feature of EA. So does this mean Anthem is a failure? Well, for the most part, it is, at least at the moment. However, since EA is a big company they have the resources to not let it die this early in the game.

Founder of Cloud Imperium Games and the director behind crowdfunded Star Citizen, Chris Roberts is of the opinion that Anthem is somewhat of a special game that has all the features that a unique multiplayer game should have. However, the failure of Anthem is not yet set to stone and that there is still hope.

Talking in an interview, Robert relating it to Star Citizen said,

“I’ve played [Anthem], so I know there’s plenty of nice stuff in there, stuff that works, and then there’s some stuff that doesn’t work,” he said. “It’s like what we’re doing on Star Citizen. It’s just iteration. I hope EA and BioWare don’t give up on it, that they get their heads down, roll out and improve things to make it work.”

Having said that we too think that there is quite a lot of potential in Anthem that has not yet been explored by the makers. So what if the game had somewhat of a rocky start, so what if has not stood up to the expectations? No Man’s Sky once went through a similar phase and when Hello Games were about to give up on it, they decided not to and it turned out well. No Man’s Sky had key issues like lack of content but that is not the case with Anthem.

Anthem has all that stuff, what it needs is a major smooth boost, something that would shake the audience from their seats. There is still time for EA to deliver on the promise they once made about Anthem. Be that as it may, even if EA does try to bring Anthem back from its failure, it just might be a little tougher than they would expect it to be. For most reasons, the game has been destroyed by the internet. Mostly fans who became a fool in believing that EA could deliver on its promise.

So what Anthem needs to do is capture its defining moment because the problem with the game is that it does not need fixing but rather how it is going to be fixed. EA needs to work fast as hell, provided the fact that its audience is declining by the moment.

Do you think that Anthem is a failure? Would you rather that EA work on bringing it back to life? Let us know in the comments below.

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