According to the latest report by Jon Peddie Research Firm, the number of gamers using PC as a platform for gaming are in for a significant drop. The report, in fact, adds that by 2022, 20 million PC Gamers user numbers will shift towards Consoles. This as you can guess not very encouraging for the PC fans but that is what the report claims. At the moment you need not worry since this is a report it does possess the capacity to be proven wrong. Be that as it may, the analyst predicts that with the recent advancements in technology and the higher prices of GPUs it seems inevitable.

Especially features like 4K and ray tracing joining the next-gen consoles like PS5 and the future Xbox, it only seems financially feasible that people won’t be able to afford computer systems with GPUs that possess such features. That is why the analyst predicts that the user numbers for PC Gamers will significantly switch towards consoles. Furthermore, the report adds that the recent introduction of streaming services based gaming, Google Stadia is going to be the driving force behind this user switch.

For those who do not know about Google Stadia, this streaming service enables the user to play games even on a smart TV, mobile, tabloids, in fact, anything that will have access to stable internet and has a screen. This reduces the overall cost of gaming significantly. All you would require is a subscription and you are good to go. Stadia will let you play games at a stable 60 FPS with 4K and Ray tracing. So that complicates a lot of stuff for PC Gamers.

Having said that one might ask that if Google Stadia is to be the driving force among other things then perhaps, it will also affect the user number for Consoles. This is where the analyst also concurs that although consoles like Xbox One and PS4 cost less than PCs with good GPU, they still are notably very expensive compared to a simple cloud-based gaming service.

So although the report claims that it would be the PC gamers that will suffer a significant drop in user numbers but considering the current trend of growing technology, it seems like consoles are not very far off.

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