The success of Steam is not something that is unknown to us, we all are aware of the capacity to which Steam has been able to provide a safe heaven platform for the gamers around the world. With that being said, just recently spotted by PCGamesN, it came into light that the number of registered accounts on Steam has surpassed 1 billion benchmark. Which as you can estimate, is a very huge number.

Not sure if you guys know or not but it has been over 16 years since Steam landed and now in over all these years, they have reached a number that defines how much PC gamers really love it. It was spotted at the numbered Steam ID assigned to each new account. However, it is to be noted that this milestone is not necessarily indicative of Steam’s actual active user base.

Be that as it may, it is not all good for Valve, as the site which reported also points out that a decent chunk of those registered accounts are inactive, alternate accounts or perhaps bots, which as you can guess are not considered to be actual accounts. However, it is also to be added that in the past Valve has attempted to provide more accurate methods to gauge the popularity to determine the total number of registered Steam accounts. If you’d remember back in October the presentation by the Valve revealed that it saw over 90 million active users monthly.

Not sure how much of that was accurate but even if that is to be taken as an honest word, still reaching this much active user is a questionable aspect. While Monster Hunter World topped the charts on Steam adding more user base to it. It is also worth mentioning that lately, Steam has also not been doing good with the latest major releases like Metro Exodus. Metro Exodus didn’t make it on Steam but rather exclusively rolled out through another store.

So what are your thoughts about 1 billion active users? Let us know in the comments below.

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