SIE Bend Studio’s Days Gone is just around the corner and while you wait for its release, you need to hear these amazing Days Gone soundtracks. The composer of these Days Gone Soundtracks is Nathan Whitehead and the tracks are not officially available both in physical formats as well as in digital formats. You can also stream it on Spotify. Having said that these tracks will prepare you for the actual game which is slated to roll out on April 26, 2019.

Days Gone Soundtracks List

  1. “Days Gone”
  2. “The Freakshow”
  3. “We’ve All Done Things”
  4. “Rest in Peace”
  5. “Finding NERO”
  6. “The Broken Road”
  7. “The Rager Bear”
  8. “A Good Soldier”
  9. “Lost Lake”
  10. “I Remember”
  11. “Keep Them Safe”
  12. “Riding NOMAD”
  13. “Promises and Regrets”
  14. “You’re Safe Now”
  15. “What Did You Do?”
  16. “Drifting Away”
  17. “Sarah’s Theme”
  18. “Light One Candle”
  19. “Never Give Up”
  20. “Holy War”
  21. “Why We Fight”
  22. “Soldier’s Eyes” (performed by Jack Savoretti)
  23. “Hell or High Water” (performed by Billy Raffoul)
  24. “Days Gone Quiet” (performed by Lewis Capaldi)
  25. “Yesterday” (performed by Zander Reese)

So while you listen to these soundtracks, also watch the recently released video of Days Gone that highlights its development and anticipates how amazing this game is going to be. Be that as it may, the devs of this game have consistently claimed that this project is a motivated one. A kind that is unique in its own way, something passionate as they add. So let’s hope that it fulfills all the promises it has made.

Having said that Days Gone is not the only game that this month of April has brought with it. Some other amazing games too are on the list of releasing this month.

So are you excited about this game? What are your thoughts about Days Gone Soundtracks? Let us know in the comments below.


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