The first episode of Game of Thrones Season 8 hit us on April 14 this year and had everyone wondering about what are the makers getting at. While there have been tons of speculations regarding what could happen, none of us know how the original story of this final season will eventually pan out. As Martin says many of you been guessing the end of it, one of you has guessed it right. Who knows until the season ends? But the hype and the suspense, the thrill and emotional connection with the series are out of proportion for all the hardcore fans out there. Be that as it may, the latest Game of Thrones episode 2 of Season 8 seems to have stirred the right kind of talks.

Yet, devoted critiques of the season will be busy finding out the bits they want to critique about. In the meantime, let us discuss quickly the parts that we liked. Despite the dragons not having any screen time in this episode, the very target of achieving the feel of having the enemy at your gate and the war about to begin has filled the air. It feels like the last supper has just taken place at Winterfell, where there is less supper and more wine.

This is without any doubt one of the biggest reunions to ever take place in GOT. Be that as it may, this episode 2 of Season 8 of Game of Thrones is not entirely set to perfection. We did get to see some elements at play that were either a little too fast paced or jammed into it. While Bran finally sheds light on the Night King and his purpose, also purposing a solution, we get to see the power of Danyres slipping away. However, those are the good bits, Jon And Dany’s relationship has spent a little too much time, perhaps that might have something to do with the ending?

If anyone was left without feelings it surely was Arya and so Arya’s motivations in getting one night of comfort with Gendry before the war begins is perfectly understandable, however, the scene was awkwardly presented. Overall, what everyone can gather is that in this hostile world, where it took more wit than just the survival of the fittest, everyone seems to now have turned soft perhaps? Forgiving and forgetting? For now, everyone has pledged to fight for the living and they intend to keep that promise.

With the final scene of Game Of Thrones Season 8 Episode 2 we have been warned and now our hears have started to pump in the right direction.

Having said that all, if you wish to know details about this final season, episode air times, their lengths, etc, then you need not go anywhere.

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