Days Gone Development Video Reveals Just How Amazing It Will Be


Among the big titles rolling out this month is Sony Bend Studio‘s Days Gone and in this newly released development video, the devs have highlighted few aspects to ensure the fans that this game, won’t be just another zombie game. The video takes us on a small tour with the creative director, John Garvin and game director Jeff Ross who talk about how passionate this project is. According to the devs, the idea to start developing this game takes birth from the ideology of creating something brand new, original and story based.

Not to skip the fact that the studio has a deep love with motorcycles and perhaps that is why in the various videos and trailers we get to see the main character riding a heavy bike through the hordes of zombies. According to the devs, the teams love for motorcycles is among the major reasons behind such style of gameplay that we are seeing.

Having said that when the development of this game initiated, there were merely 30 to 40 members, however, as they sunk deep into its creative aspects the teams expanded to 130 people. The number of members working on this game may not be huge, the studio admits to that but it also adds that it is the main reason this project has been developed with a consensus of each developer.

If you are already excited for this PS4 game then do give this Days Gone Development Video a shot. You will get to know more insights on how one of the developers was able to bring about 500 zombies all at once, on-screen chasing the player.

If you have been following the news related to this game then you already know that this game has been in development for quite some time, in fact, it has also suffered a delay as well. At that point, the studio added that such a delay was to refine the game. Let us hope that they were able to.

With all that said, Reviews for Days Gone are scheduled to go live on April 25th while the game is slated to roll out on 26th of April.

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