Grand Theft Auto requires little or no introduction, what it requires are the official announcement of its 6th installment to be in development as well as its release date. That said, until now nothing has been officially said by Rockstar regarding Grand Theft Auto 6 and its development, let alone its release date but that is not the case anymore. That is if this newly surfaced information is to be taken seriously then it would mean that we might be hearing news regarding GTA 6 and its development anytime soon.

Discovered by a member of GTA Forums Member, “ApolloThunder“, the game is in development as according to the resume of a former Rockstar employee, 3D Game Artist Bibin Michael, he seems to have mentioned that he has created concept vehicles matching the real ones for GTA Online as well as for the upcoming GTA 6. Now with that being said, you can check out the screenshot below as well but that is just it. We can not provide any authenticity on to what capacity it is legit.

Considering the fact that he is an actual former employee of Rockstar, this reference of Grand Theft Auto 6 could definitely mean that its development is already underway. Which everyone would definitely be excited about, provided it is the only best game ever, duh!

Furthermore to consider is also the fact that the artist has also previously contributed in the latest entry of the RockStar games list, Red Dead Redemption 2. Which as you may already know was and is a massive success. For most Red Dead Redemption is a title that is pretty much similar to GTA with the only difference being the fact that it is set in a Western-themed environment.

Lately, quite a lot of rumors and speculations have started to emerge regarding GTA 6, sum suggesting its release date, while others pointing towards its map location and features. So if you wish to check them all in one place then we have that covered for you here at virtualoracle.

That being said, what are your expectations from the game? Let us know in the comments below?

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