The one and only, the highly anticipated gaming title of the century is RockStar’s Grand Theft Auto. There is no doubt about how amazing and successful all of its titles have been. However, there is also no argument, when we say that it certainly has been quite some time since GTA V rolled out and we have not heard anything regarding GTA 6, let alone its release date but if this newly surfaced leak is to be considered, then we can expect GTA 6 to release sometime next year.

GTA 6 Release Date

This leak comes from a European developer, who adds that the release date for GTA 6 has been set for 2020 and that it will roll out during the holiday season. He further adds that it will also be exclusive to Sony’s Next Gen PlayStation aka PS5 for a month. Be that as it may since this is a rumor we would recommend you to take this with a grain of salt for now.

In fact, the source of this leak further speculated to add that Sony is offering huge loads of cash to Take-Two Interactive in an attempt to gain once month exclusivity on PS5. Considering that turns out to be true, it would then leave Microsoft users begging for that GTA 6 release month. It would certainly be a massive marketing deal for Sony.

If you would remember back in July of 2018, there had been rumors that took quite a lot of hype regarding the release of this game to be in 2019. To which RockStar officially denied the possibility. So now you know what level of desperation rumors and speculations can take.

GTA 6 Map Location

Well, there have been quite a lot of rumors and speculations regarding where will Rockstar go this time? Well, if this same European developer is to be considered, then you can expect to visit, Miami and New York City. However, one of the long-standing theories suggests the setting to be in London, England. Although one of the most desired locations would be GTA going back to Vice City. It would be the franchise’s take on South Florida since 2002. Still, fingers are pretty much crossed so far.

GTA 6 Story and Characters

Let us be very clear on this, we all know for a fact that Rockstar has never recreated its old characters and introduced them into the latest stories. Although we have seen some protagonists from other sequels to make an appearance but they have always been very brief. So considering the story of Trevor, Franklin, and Michael has been finished, we should not expect them to come back. Perhaps that would be for the better.

As for the story, nothing is known but if we are to logically speculate, you can certainly expect it to be different. Rockstar tends to take a unique approach when it comes to new stories. If a bet was to be played, then perhaps you can expect the option of character swapping to be included as well.

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