There is a lot of excitement among fans regarding the future Sony console. There is quite a lot of information regarding PS5 over the social media already, which gets every fan speculating about the various possibilities. Now since we see the trend of the world moving towards digitalization, it gets us thinking about the possibility of it happening with the PS5 console. Strange as it may seem, apparently according to a recent report, the games that would be available on PlayStation 5 will not be completely digital, in fact, they will also have physical copies.

The thought of moving towards digital games does seem a viable option for any console company as well as for game publishers, especially after the recent GameStop revenue loss, everyone is now concerned about future of physical games. Now while the gaming industry is trending towards an all-digital gaming era, having Sony still keeping the physical option open would come pretty much as a surprise.

This news of PlayStation 5 games to also have physical copies comes from a post by an EU Based developer, which mentions that physical games will be available for PS5 console at retail. So perhaps this is good news for gamers interested in buying retails copies of the game, plus they also get to keep a physical collection of their games that way.

Now we know that the present trend of the digital market seems to be the motivation for Microsoft to release an all-digital Xbox One console. So we will have to see what will the competition be like, for PS5 and the future Xbox?

Be that as it may, as you might already know that Sony is skipping E3 2019 this year, so all hands are on deck for PlayStation Experience. There is a high possibility that we might hear something about this next-generation PlayStation console at PSX 2019. Talking about games, Sony is also reported to have said that the future Sony games will be fewer but way better. So would dropping physical games altogether be a viable option for Sony?

What are your thoughts if this report about PS5 and physical sales, turns out to be true? Let us know in the comments below.

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