Janina Gavankar is the voice actor who has worked on the much loved Horizon Zero Dawn’s character Tatai and recently she attended Star Wars Celebration. Now a great many people participated in the Star Wars event, what interests us is what she had to say regarding a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. During the Star Wars festivities, Janina ran into a fellow cosplayer who was able to strike up a conversation regarding Horizon Zero Dawn and while they were talking, Gavankar is recorded to have mentioned a Horizon Zero Dawn sequel to perhaps be in the mix.

Talking about Horizon Zero Dawn she was recorded saying,

It’s incredible, wait ’til you see the sequel, You’re gonna die – I know some secrets! – you’re gonna die.”

Now obviously there is no official confirmation by the devs, Guerrilla Games but considering how successful Horizon Zero Dawn itself was and the rumors regarding the sequel, there just might be news regarding it sometimes in the coming days. What is to be seen is that whether it will release in the twilight years of PlayStation 4 or the future PlayStation? Well, that is an element of curiosity to be discussed for another time.

With all that said, this can be considered as a partial rumor, since it comes from a member of a team behind Horizon Zero Dawn. However, the sequel was also blatantly mentioned which suggests that we can not hold our breaths, at least not at the moment.

What are your thoughts about a sequel to this game? Would you like to see one? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: streamable via Reddit

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