By now we are all rooted for the live action remake of the old classic animation The Lion King, the hype is now every higher since the release of the new trailer of this upcoming film. Yes the new trailer of Lion King Remake has been released and it takes us places we all have visited before but this time with a whole new feel. We got to take a look at The Elephant Graveyard, and birds taking flight over the Savanna, the bonding moment between Mufasa and Simba. Following which also see young Simba meet Timone and Pumba aka The Hakuna Matata montage and much much more. Check out the trailer below.

Among other things we still get to see the spooky aura and ribcages and bones when Nala and Simba explore the Elephant Graveyard. The both look dwarfed while the setting is ominous and foreboding.

Now although the trailer is about two minutes in length, it does give its fans some idea about what to expect and what not to. Having said that even though the trailer seems to promise big but if you ask me the expressions which we have seen in the original Lion King cannot be seen in this live action Lion King Remake, at least in the trailer. So we have our fingers still crossed about how it will pan out.

If anything else, we certainly can not let the makers spoil the cult classic animation we all know, love and grew up with. With that said, this remake is not the only one that is bringing the animation classics from the dead. As this year we also have other titles like Toy Story 4 which recently also got a new trailer, as well as Shrek, Alladin and Frozen 2 being revived.

So this gets us thinking what year this actually is? On that note do let us know your thoughts regarding the this newly released live action Lion King Remake trailer in the comments below.

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