You must be wondering, is that even possible? Well apparently even we are not sure that it is possible but seemingly it seems like some rich dude is intent upon making a scenario similar to that of a battle royale in real life. In a recent posting on HushHush.com, a request has been put on by an unnamed millionaire who wants help in designing the world’s first ever real-life Battle Royale game. And so he appears to be looking for those who have experience in orchestrating such large events.

Apparently, he aims to do the same as that of any battle royale game, there will be 100 men battling on a private island. Although do not be worried, this won’t be a Gladiator type public execution match rather, everyone shall enter the contest where they will be selected as potential players in the game. The tournament will take place over a three day period with the last man standing, who will win £100,000, chicken dinner.

As for the safety precautions, the game will be played in 12-hour chunks with airsoft rifles and touch sensitive body armor. Players shall be camping out overnight with all the gear supplied to them at the start of the game.

Be that it may, the applicants who will help in making this a reality will be competing for a £45,000 contract, which will see them working for about two months on the game. So if you have experience in large-scale event management and set design then be sure to be a part of this first every real-life battle royale game.

There is certainly no doubt about the popularity of the battle royale genre. Following PUBG and Fortnite, big titles like Call of Duty and Battlefield have also developed and released their own versions. However, they might not have gone as planned but still, that only makes the genre all the more popular. That said, recently another battle royale game Apex Legends has released, set in the Titan Fall universe.

So what are your thoughts regarding this real-life battle royale game? Let us know in the comments below.

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