Just recently the game Negative Atmosphere had its first in development gameplay video released and although most of us had some doubts regarding it taking its inspiration from EA’s Dead Space. Turns out it has not taken inspiration only, in fact, might have gone a little too far, leaning towards Dead Space. This is evident from through the released gameplay of Negative Atmosphere.

Negative Atmosphere is being developed by indie developer Sun Scorched Studios, and this recently released is the first glimpse into the gameplay of the game. The similarities between the two games can be observed very cleanly. However, for those who have played Dead Space can detect it more intensely.

Having said that the game is not Dead Space not anything near its sequel, the game, however, is perhaps the nearest thing to this franchise. For fans of Dead Space, it would definitely serve as something to latch on to meanwhile they hear more from EA.

Some of the similarities between the two that can be seen include’s the over-the-shoulder camera, flickering lights, as well as the HUD being absent from the traditional menus. Hilariously the brutal melee stomp mechanic also seems to have found its way in the game.

With all that said, this still is a work in progress and as per Sun Scorched, this video shows off about five months of work and that is why it is not the representation of the final product.

So after seeing the Negative Atmosphere Gameplay video, what are your thoughts? Are you excited? Let us known in the comments below.

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