When we talk about the past performances in the role of DC villain Joker, Heather Ledger surely pops in everyone’s mind. Ledger in Batman The Dark Knight gave a performance that still resonates and perhaps will continue to do so. However, up till now, no one dared to think that perhaps anyone would have the skill set and the audacity to set perhaps a new benchmark in the same role. That is where Joaquin Phoenix pops in, in his upcoming American psychological thriller film, based on the DC Comic character Joker, Phoenix has taken up the lead role. In the recently released trailer, he has given a glimpse of what one might expect from him and it surely seems to set high aspirations. Check out the trailer below.

There is no soul on earth that will deny the benchmark set by Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight, a level whom others like Jared Leto tried to surpass but failed badly. Although there were high expectations from him as well, perhaps he did not have enough room in the film, to completely sync into his role. However, after seeing this new trailer of the new Joker film, we know that it is entirely based on the role of Joker and we know that it is being performed by Joaquin Phoenix.

Joaquin Phoenix, ladies, and gentlemen, requires little introduction for he is a class apart actor. You may remember him from his outclass performance in 2001’s Gladiator for which he is praised to date. We also know him from his method performances on films like The Master, Walk the Line, Her (2014) or 2015’s Inherent Vice, for which he has won various awards.

When we first heard that he would be performing the role of Joker, we were all but excited to finally see a worthy successor to the performance set by Heath Ledger. Check out some of the best scenes of Ledger as Joker in Batman The Dark Knight below, courtesy of Ameer Cruz.

Now the big question one might ask at this point is that will the new Joker Joaquin Phoenix give the Joker fans something that will resonate in similarity to Ledger? Or perhaps will it set new heights?

We certainly think that if there is anyone worthy enough to succeed Ledger’s performance, Phoenix is definitely the one and perhaps the only one. On a side note, when we compare the two we only compare them on the basis of their level of performance and not how the film pans out.

Be that as it may, what are your thoughts about the new Joker Joaquin Phoenix? Let us known in the comments below.

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