Fans of Code Vein are aware of the fact that this game has been in development for quite some time now and if we are to think practically, there just could not be any reason for such a delay other than there is a technical issue. However, the technical issue seems to be an unlikely reason for such a delay, as back in the days, Bandai Namco did claim that the delay in the development of the game was due to the fact that they are making it better than anyone expects it to be. However, if someone was to discover some traces of Code Vein Nintendo Switch Version, would that raise the hype bar?

Previously the devs added that the game received an enormous amount of positive feedback which was very helpful for the devs and using that they have been busy making it even more staggering than expected. That is why it is taking this much tome.

“Code Vein has received an enormous amount of positive feedback. Armed with knowledge of how well the game has already been received, we made the decision to postpone the release of Code Vein to further refine its gameplay in an effort to exceed the expectations fans already have of the title.”

However, recently some of the fans seem to have discovered on the official website of the game, some traces in the EULA that seem to suggest that a Nintendo Switch version of Code Vein might also be in the mix. At the moment the authentic information we have about the upcoming Code Vein its previous release date was set for September 28th, 2018 which got delayed and now it is set to release sometime in 2019.

The game is officially announced for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One but with this delay and the fans claim, it might be a possibility that Bandai Namco has been busy developing a Code Vein Nintendo Switch version.

Would you like to see a Nintendo Switch version of Code Vein? Let us know in the comment below.

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