You might already have seen the recent announcement trailer for the upcoming Borderlands 3 and now must be wondering about its release date and availability. Well, then you just might find this news interesting. As spotted by Twitter’s Wario64, an official video regarding the Borderlands 3 PC version was released that showed the Epic Games store logo, implying that it could be an Epic Store exclusive. However, the video has now been removed.

That being said if deleted Tweets are to believe the reference of Epic Games store logo for Borderlands 3 PC version without any trace of Steam logo seems to suggest that it could be an Epic Store exclusive. Be that as it may, what is really interesting is the implied release date of the game. In an another deleted Tweet it seems to be that Borderlands 3 might launch on 13th of September.

You can check out the official, now-deleted Tweets below, courtesy of Wario64.

So while this information sinks in, we would still recommend you to take this information with a grain of salt for now as it does seem to possess some kind of peculiarity in its nature. Although this might not be the first time that Wario64’s spotting turns out to be true but fingers are pretty much crossed. Having said that ever since Borderlands 3 got the announcement, the speculations regarding its release date has been a hot topic among other things. Similar is a recent fan theory that claims on the basis of a few references seen in the trailer of the game that suggests its release date to be set in October.

What are your thoughts regarding Borderlands 3 PC Version making it as an Epic Store exclusive? Do spare some thoughts regarding its release as well.

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