As you may already be aware of the official announcement of Borderlands 3 with its amazing trailer, a lot of speculations took birth regarding its release date, which although is unknown, however, if we are to take the word of a fan of Borderlands, then you might settle for 1st October this year. Following the official release of the first trailer of Borderlands 3, fans have been digging the trailer for anything they could pluck out regarding the game. Among those fans is a Reddit user Zttelpanda, according to whom, October 1 is the day when this much-anticipated game shall release.

At the moment Gearbox has yet to officially reveal any detail regarding the Borderlands 3 release date but if we are to set aside the new characters we got to see in the trailer and the story along with the improved gameplay, it seems as if the devs might have either purposely or mistakenly added one particular detail that this Reddit user suggests to be the release date.

Now if you take a deeper look at the newly released trailer, you might also fall victim to this theory. At 1:39, 1:40, and 1:52 in the trailer, you can see the numbers ten and one displayed one some large buildings. There is nothing else noticeable that would add any other reason to it and perhaps that is what actually caught the attention of the fans.

So players took this as translation to be the release date of Borderlands 3. According to the fans, the release date is either October 1 or January 10. That said, October seems to be the likely option, provided the fact that most of the series games have launched in the month of October. Furthermore, if it helps, October 1 also happens to be a Tuesday, which as you may be aware of is a popular release day for games.

With all that said, let is be very clear on the fact that this here is just a fan theory that seems to have caught quite a lot of attention. Probably because of the fact that the game just recently got announced. Be that as it may, let us wind our clocks back a year when Wallmart Canada made a major leak ahead of E3 2018. Mentioning multiple games that were unannounced back then, among them Borderlands 3 was also in the mix.

However, at E3 2018, Borderlands 3 did not make an appearance which got everyone thinking that perhaps the leak turned out to be just another leak but we like to think that the leak was not meant for E3 2018 but for E3 2019. So could it be a possibility? We already have the announcement trailer and E3 2019 is just a few months apart. So it does seem to reason. Whatever may be the case, you certainly can expect more details from the devs and speculations form the fans regarding Borderlands 3 release date and other interesting details.

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