During the recent Sony’s State of Play, a brand new Days Gone Story trailer rolled out, which you might have already seen and if you have not, you can certainly check it out below. However, what really caught our attention among other things in this new Days Gone Story trailer was its greater look at more characters we will be meeting throughout the story and the light at the protagonist Decon St. John’s wife Sarah.

Sarah is reportedly dead after their marriage following by the explosion of the pandemic. Interesting as it may seem, this trailer leaves the door to Sarah’s fate very open. As in this trailer, we get to see some kind of kidnapping after her chopper crashed. Which could meant that there is more to Sarah than we have been led on to. Although the trailer is still very limited in what the fans may see in the game, it certainly seems to leave the mouth-watering level of expectations for the fans.

The upcoming days gone is set in a beautiful, volcanic scarred high desert of the Pacific Northwest. It is an open world action-adventure game that has been in development at Bend Studio for quite some time. In fact, until recently its release date was the hot topic for fans, the game has endured a release delay as well, however, now the game is officially set to roll out on April 26, 2019.

Are you ready to take on the risky adventures that await you in Days Gone? Also, let us know what are your thoughts regarding this new Days Gone Story trailer, in the comments section below.
Days Gone is a PS4 exclusive.

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