As much as the fans may desire a sequel to the much loved Zelda Breath of The Wild, this here is still very thin on-ice news, to raise expectations. However, it does not entirely mean that it can not happen as according to a new batch of job listings for Monolith Soft, it seems like they are looking to hire people who might be working on another major Zelda game. Which is what got us thinking about the Zelda Breath of The Wild sequel in the first place.

For those who already are aware of Monolith Soft, would know that they are majorly known for Xenosaga and Xenoblade series. The most recent entry by them was a sequel to the Xenoblade series, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which is available on Nintendo Switch. With that being said the studio has also worked on multiple Zelda games in the past which adds more to the possibility that perhaps they actually are working on a new Zelda game, considering the job listings and perhaps a sequel to Zelda Beath of Wild Sequel?

Shedding more light on what type of listing it is, let us add that it includes several common game design position such as rigging artist, effects technical artist, character modeler and a senior position of project manager as well. If we are to look further, some of the more specific openings include main quest designer, map planner, and modeler. Now, for those who have seen the credits of the previous Zelda, they could easily guess the nature of this alleged game to be similar to Zelda.

Which is precisely our point that considering the job listings it does seem to point us in the direction towards a Breath of the Wild-style sandbox game, hence a Zelda Breath Of The Wild sequel but provided the limitation of information on the matter, it could also be something similar to a guided adventure like Skyward Sword.

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