In a major update for No Man’s Sky Beyond that is rolling out this Summer will be among many other things the support for PlayStation VR. Yes, that is correct, this news was announced at the official PlayStation blog along with some other interesting details about the game.

According to the devs, they have a lot of love for Sci-fi genre and that is why they want to make this experience more intense and interactive. That is why to make the gamers feel as if they were actually in deep space the team decided and worked upon making this notion a reality. A true Virtual Reality experience awaits you in this summer update.

PlayStation VR Support for No Man’s Sky Beyond is not a separate mode, in fact, it is the entire game revived in intense, and immersive experience. The devs have given confirmation that this VR experience will be nothing ordinary for the fans of No Man’s Sky for there is a lot of stuff waiting to be explored using this experience.

Having said that, this VR Support for No Man’s Sky will be free to the already existing players, just like all other parts. However, the release of beyond will also see an exclusive retail release of the game across PlayStation 4. Furthermore, the physical edition will come with the base game, along with the VR support and all of the updates the game has had so far that also includes Beyond.

What is interesting is the fact that by making this VR Support free to millions of the players already playing No Man’s Sky Beyond will make this title perhaps one of the most owned VR titles, upon its release. You can check other details on the official PlayStation blog.

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