One of the biggest title by Kojima Production has just hit its critical phase of development, which means that the game is now even closer to its release than anyone expects it to be. The news came directly from Hideo Kojima, who has given confirmation that this highly-anticipated title Death Stranding has finally transited into the critical phase of development, however, he did add that the disparate sections and elements of the game have yet to be connected to the game.

Which means that although some of the essential elements of Death Stranding might not yet be a part of the game, it reaching the critical phase is an assurance that the game is very much in playable form. All of this was revealed in recent Tweet by Kojima, where he updated his followers about the development status of Death Stranding, adding that the game has not yet reached debugging or testing stage but it is very much playable. He concurred this statement by dropping the fact that he himself plays Death Stranding every day.

He plays the game on a daily basis to be able to decide on what to keep and what not to keep. So this right here is definitely a critical phase for the game. As this phase will determine the fate of the game.

The Tweet was in Japanese, you can check out the translation below;

“[Death Stranding] is not yet in difficulty adjustment or debugging stage, but combining all the parts made in [different] tools and development machines into one game. It’s a process to connect the parts, to fix the operation, feelings, the production, the specifications, the trouble, and to strip the flesh and [make changes] while I play the game directly every day on PS4. Critical phase.”

For those who do not know what actually happens in the critical phase, it is the stage of development where the devs connect the various parts of the game, fix various aspects, adjust the feel of the game, in fact, this is where they work on the details of the game. Here the game is playable only to be tested, altered and improved for the best possible version.

Having said that while the devs have been courteous enough to share the details regarding the development of Death Stranding every now and then, in the form of gameplays especially, they still have not shed any light on the release date of this game. However, that has not stopped the fans on speculating about it, in a tease by Kojima himself a little while back, it was implied that this game might roll out this year.

However, that was just a tease and it could mean anything so take that with a grain of salt. Be that as it may, what are your thoughts regarding Death Stranding reaching Critical Phase of development? Let us know in the comments below.

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