There is no doubt that the world is moving at a fast pace but the advancement in technology at an ever faster pace and when we talk about the gaming industry the words haven’t been invented yet. As at the recent Game Developers Conference 2019, the multinational technology giant, Google among various other things revealed their upcoming new platform, Stadia. The only thing is that this new platform is not a platform for it does not exist in a physical state.

What is Google Stadia?

In fact, it is a collection of data centers that will house game played by everyone around the world on computers and multiple Google devices. What this means is that this does not limit the gaming to hardware acceleration. Yes, you read that right, leaving behind the necessity for GPU and other powerful platforms, Google Stadia goes above and beyond to not only provide gaming on, PC, Tablets, Smartphones but also on Televisions, with future plans to be incorporated with consoles.

However, what kind of strain this puts on hardware accelerated platforms is a question itself because while other high powered platforms have become a necessity for games with high visuals. Stadia is perhaps safe heaven for those who have always been the victim of spending high on hardware to get better visuals.

What it lets you do?

Based on the information released so far, Google Stadia will let you play games in an instant. The stretch between the desire to play and the need for the right platform to play has now been reduced. Without the need to wait for the game patch or update you will be able to play the game in a matter of five seconds. The game will only require 25 Mbps of internet connection and will run through Google Chrome or Chromecast.

The Partnership

According to Google, while there are many games that require a lot of power, especially the graphics department and for the stream, they assure that Stadia is already capable of streaming in 4k and they are working on 8K as we speak. They demonstrated this at the event using Assassin’s Creed Odyssey as the test case (check out the video below to see) and it was remarkable to see the game run flawlessly at 60fps.

Furthermore, Ubisoft has also declared its partnership with Google over Stadia, so that is also some assurance. That said, you might have heard of the upcoming Doom Eternal sequel? Well, you would be happy to know that Doom Eternal is also already Stadia ready. Be that as it may, Stadia will also provide tools for developers and content creators.

Having said that all while there may be a lot of complications we may encounter with this new platform, it is still safe to say that this leap is one that will take the gaming to a whole new level. No release date has been revealed so far but expect it to release sometime later this year.

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