Sony has always been picky with what it wants to do in terms of marketing, especially when it is competing with Microsoft and Nintendo. However, as peculiar, as it may seem, apparently Sony seems to also have given in holding regular events for its fans similar to Nintendo Direct and Inside Xbox. Well as the Sony fans might say, it’s about time! This regular event is known as the PlayStation State of Play.

Similar to others, it too will be a live web event. That said, at the moment Nintendo pretty much runs exclusively through its Nintendo Direct, all the while Xbox has adopted its Inside Xbox on monthly basis. How Sony plans to take up its State of Play events is still unknown but what we know is that fans can expect is on a regular basis.

Having said that all the first ever edition of PlayStation State of Play event is scheduled to take place this Monday, March 25th at 22h French time on Twitch, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook. The big question is what can we expect from this event? Well do not keep your expectation too high but expect to see some unpublished gameplay videos of the upcoming titles perhaps.

We already are aware of the fact that Sony will not be participating on E3 this year, which came pretty much as a shock and now they have decided to hold shorter events for the fans on regular basis. This only points us towards the fact that Sony is shifting its marketing and publicity strategy for the coming years. To be honest on the outer note it might seem a little unpredictable on part of Sony but internally it makes sense.

The reason we say that is because Sony has its next-gen PlayStation under development and perhaps that is why they might be making changes that seem to support the launch and longevity of their console. Having said that recently at the Game Developers Conference, 2019, Google revealed something that might alter the fate of gaming all together. Google’s very own gaming platform Stadia. So we will have to see what Sony has in mind in contrast to Stadia.

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