At the recent Game Developers Conference, 2019 Google among many other things introduced some very new and unique, something that could very well alter the course of the gaming industry. A new kind of platform known as Stadia was introduced along with the announcement of Google and Ubisoft Partnership. While the vice president and general manager for Google, Phil Harrison went on to explain what Stadia actually is and how it works, what really caught everyone’s attention was when they showed everyone the abilities of this new platform using Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

While showing off Stadia, Google used Assassin’s Creed Odyssey game to show how it can run games on multiple platforms. We got to see the game running on phone, tablets, TV, and desktop. While this was enough evidence that Google and Ubisoft might have an alleged partnership, Ubisoft co-founder and CEO, Yves Guillemot was also seen in the crowd. With that being said, Ubisoft has also released the partnership statement to be between themselves and Google. Guillemot referring to Stadia (the Google platform) and Assassin’s Creed Oddsey game said;

The power and accessibility of streaming will give billions unprecedented opportunities to play video games in the future. We are proud to partner with Google on Stadia, building on what we’ve learned with Project Stream via Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. This is only the beginning, and we can’t wait to continue collaborating closely with Google on what’s next for Stadia.”

Keeping that into context, what this suggests is that while as amazing Stadia platform actually is, this partnership between Google and Ubisoft will pave the future of the gaming for the better. The question is what future games can we expect to utilize the perks of this platform? Be that as it may, not sure if you are aware or not but we recently learned that just one of the multiple GPU’s of Stadia will have a lot more teraflops of power than Xbox One X and PS4 combined.

Still and all, older consoles might not hold the future but there is still a lot we can expect from future Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Which as you may already know are under development. What do they learn from Stadia? Is the real question?

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