It is very strange for the Switch users to experience the non-Compatibility of Google Chrome support with the Nintendo Switch Controllers. However, now you need not worry as Nintendo Switch controllers, namely the Joy-Cons as well as the Pro controller will soon be getting the Google Chrome support. This became known when a new commit title “Improve support for Nintendo Switch gamepads” was spotted in the Source Code management by 9to5Google.

Earlier this support was also spotted on Lunus, however, it seems to be that they are looking to expand the compatibility by also adding Joy-Cons. In fact, adding mere improvement for the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, making it connect through USB and Bluetooth, the commit additionally seeks on adding Chrome support for Bluetooth connections with Joy-Cons. Both of which will work as a pair and as separate devices as well as Joy-Con charging grip through USB.

Having said that at the moment there is no specific timeline for when will this Google Chrome Compatibility for Nintendo Switch Controllers be added but you can expect to hear more on this very soon. Talking about Nintendo Switch, have you guys heard of the rumors suggesting that perhaps a cheaper Nintendo Switch console might be in the works but fingers are still crossed on that one, however, it still would be exciting.

What are your thoughts regarding Nintendo Switch Controllers getting Google Chrome Compatibility? Let us know in the comments below.

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