For quite some time, fans of Halo have been wanting to see Halo The Master Chief Collection to roll out on PC, in fact as soon as it was announced fans have been speculating and looking for any thread of evidence that suggests a PC version. Among the various rumors that seem to claim the same, a slightly more substantial report has surfaced which seems to suggest that not only is the PC version of Halo The Master Chief Collection being prepared but it will also be releasing soon. In fact, fans can expect it to hear something, perhaps an announcement at E3 2019.

Now we all know that for the Halo fans it is a reason for excitement but let us add a disclaimer here that please do not add high expectations to this report for it is only a rumor and such rumors tend to disappoint. Having said that, this rumor comes from Brad Sams, who is a tech journalist and interestingly he has a reputation for making Microsoft leaks that actually turn out to be true.

Brad adds,

“Microsoft’s open secret is that they’ve been working on the Master Chief Collection for the PC, and I’m hearing that that’s getting close to release.”

According to Sam, it is highly likely that this PC version of Halo The Master Chief Collection may get announced at this year’s E3 and he even speculates that it there is a high possibility that it might get launched during the show. Which would be amazing, however, this release report is just a report and the latter two are speculations so we will have to wait and see what the reality is. Talking about rumors and leaks related to Microsoft, another exciting rumor has also recently surfaced which seems to suggest that a Disc Less Xbox One is in the works and that its release Date is set for May this Year. Fingers crossed on both rumors until we hear any official confirmation but speculate as much as you can.

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