By now we all are aware of the fact that Electronic Arts will not be holding a press conference this year at EA Play and what is really intriguing is that this EA Play is taking place ahead of E3 2019. Which gets everyone thinking what EA has in store for its fans? Well on that note, let us add that a lot of Gameplay footage will be featured at this year’s EA Play 2019 and we do not say this out of thin air. This comes directly from Electronic Arts, according to them, the reason for skipping out on the press conference altogether at EA Play 2019 was the fact that they want to please the fans.

EA added that instead of the press conference, there is will be a lot of gameplay footage that will feature at EA Play 2019. It will have multiple streams that will spread over two days during Friday 7th June and Saturday 8th June. While the entire event will take place from June 7 until June 9 in 2019. EA has said that the reason to make such changes is that they want to please the fans. Since the fans demanded to see more gameplay footage and hear more from the devs working on various games, they thought it reasonable enough to execute.

EA states that this decision to skip the press conference is in response to fans who have previously stated that they just want to see more gameplay footage and hear more from the creators, who are working on the games directly. With that being said, this takes us to the other question? What can we expect? Well for obvious reasons we think that perhaps, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order might make an appearance as EA’s biggest title for this year. On top of that perhaps a fine touch to the recently released Battle Royale game Apex Legends, considering its recent massive success.

If you are interested in to check out this year’s EA Play, the tickets should start going on sale next month. It will take place in Los Angeles and will stream live through Creator’s Cave” at the Hollywood Palladium. Last years EA Play brought with it some really interesting game trailers as well as gameplay footages, now with EA taking a different approach with this one, we like to think that something huge is approaching our way.

So are you excited? What gameplay footage do you anticipate, might feature at EA Play 2019? Let us know in the comments below.

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